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Saturn opposed Venus is an excellent position for artists and dancers, for it links aesthetic principles with perseverance, hard work and discipline. In the personal realm, however, it is well paraphrased by the Beatles’ song, "The love you take is equal to the love you make." You may have to experience disappointments in love and in relation to money because of an unrecognized fear within causing you to separate and to wall yourself off. Money problems as well are tied to a lack of giving. Venus rules love, money, and the principle of attraction. Your ability to attract love and wealth is directly tied to your ability to give love and to share. And difficulties here may not necessarily be related to self-centeredness or selfishness, but rather to fear. Any tendencies to be manipulative and scheming with other people's resources will backfire by your being manipulated by others. You'll sometimes work hard for certain material or emotional ends, but the results will be negligible compared to the effort you've put in. That could esoterically be attributed to a karma of relationship or love, but it would be more precise to say that the determinative vibration you’re giving off in those instances is a deep, unrecognized fear. Your particular value system manages to bring you into conflict with others, especially those in authority. You seldom appreciate the law in any form and challenge it frequently.

You may be obsessively attached to one or both of your parents. Unless you also have a strong Uranus in your chart, you'll probably have a hard time being independent. In a woman's chart, this can indicate karma with men with hard Mars-Saturn aspects (cruel, constrained, thwarted, not-giving) in their charts.

As you evolve and deal with this karma, you'll stop needing the reflection and lessons that such men provide. For both sexes, there's an attraction to much younger or much older partners, or authority, teacher or father figures. When Saturn by transit contacts or squares either end of this opposition, you'll have difficult tests in finances or relationships. This can be overcome by understanding the source of the fear within you.

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