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Venus trine Jupiter




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Venus trine Jupiter is a very fortunate aspect, as it apparently confers wealth, popularity, social grace and "good luck" on the individual. It is, in fact, earned good karma: the universe returning the good works and energy you have already given out. You're very giving, optimistic and cheerful, love to share, and your faith and devotion are strong. You're refined, artistic, have a deep appreciation for beauty, and could make a living with your good taste.

You value fairness in all things and go out of your way to be just. You appreciate others who have been successful and may surround yourself with those in power. You have an innate love of the law—of "justice," to be more precise—and working things through, and you are not put off by problems and obstacles. In addition, you know how to work with and guide others in making decisions. You understand the choices and can spot the right ones. You have excellent judgment in personal relationships, both your own and others.

Celebrities with a strong (orb <2°) Venus trine Jupiter are/were Alan Arkin, Georgio Armani, Chuck Berry, Luis Bunuel, Frank Capra, Enrico Caruso, Johnny Cash, George M. Cohan, Franco Corelli, Humphrey Davy, Andre Gide, Gene Hackman  (orb 2-3°), Martin Heidegger, Gregory Hines, Marilyn Horne, Immanuel Kant, Carole King  (orb 2-3°), Kristy McNichol, Graham Nash  (orb 2-3°), Willie Nelson, Dorothy Parker, Richard Lee Petty, Buddy Rogers, Daniel Rostenkowski, Elizabeth Taylor (orb 2-3°) and Paramahansa Yogananda.

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