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Astrology Reading 1b: The Sun's Aspects

astrology reading horoscope 1b Sun

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Astrology Reading sample 1b: Sun's aspects

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astrology reading 1b: Sun conjunct Mercury symbols

astrology reading 1b text glyph Strength =53, orb =5.62

         Mercury is our mind and how we "see" out from our soul. The further it is from the Sun the better, in that one's vision is broader and can take in more of the world. Within 8 of the Sun it is known as a "combust" planet, a condition Renaissance astrologers thought to be a weakened one. I do not share that view. Mercury this close to the Sun, however, does narrow your perspective and centers it on yourself. The closer this conjunction is, the more intellectually oriented and nervous you tend to be, and in your case this is emphasized, Carl, by Mercury and the Sun being in the same sign. Other things being equal you'd make a good teacher, for you're able to communicate well in both the spoken and written word. Since Mercury can never be more than 28 from the Sun, this aspect is not uncommon, and is, in fact, the only possible one between the Sun and Mercury. They may, however, be unaspected.


Sun conjunct Venus

Strength = 50/100, orb = 6.03/12

         Since Venus can never be more than 48 from the Sun, this is not an uncommon aspect. You are refined, charming, creative, and love peace and harmony, the closer this conjunction, the more so. Your nature is artistic and feminine, but as your conjunction takes place in a fire sign Carl, those qualities are not further accentuated as they would be in earth or water signs. You love beauty, poetry, love itself, and the romance of life. You are attractive in all senses of the word, and, other things being equal, attract other people, prosperity and good times. Sensual and easy-going, you can be lazy and self-indulgent without contrary indicators like a strong Mars or Saturn, both of which you fortunately have. A love of authority figures (men in particular), and an appreciation for your elders make you welcome at many social scenes. Artistic occupations or those dealing with women attract you, as opposed to those in the competitive business world.

Sun opposed Saturn

Strength = 36/100, orb = 10.23/12

         In this incarnation you are being shown that the light (Sun) and dark (Saturn) aspects of your psyche are truly but two faces of your whole self. You will have karmic obstacles and difficulties to overcome, often manifested through significant male relatives. Your relationship to your father was probably a failure in some important sense: through his coldness or downright rejection of you; his over-emphasis on form, duty and material values; his inability to assume a strong and protective role necessary for your well-being; or through his being too dominant. Thus you have had to create the male half of your being from scratch, since you couldn't inherit that identity from your father.

         Males often experience this failed father-son relationship as a personal inadequacy accompanied by the need to prove yourself to yourself or to your father. The signs of worth and success that most men take for granted will not be enough for you; you'll have to create your own measure of self-worth and directly experience the control and mastery of your own life.

         You will meet many difficult people with whom you'll have to learn to compromise. Some may be yourself as you once were on the path of life, but you won't recognize yourself this time in that other being. Others will be negative, selfish or stingy people to whom you feel strangely attracted; but again you need to learn to not react, and to understand that life is just showing you a dark side of yourself in the other. There are naturally many obstacles on all walks of life, but this aspect signifies either those who cannot accept these impediments, or those who continually give up before them. Thus it confers the opportunity to learn acceptance and great endurance.

         Your sense of responsibility (or actual duties that come your way) may prevent you from fulfilling your real ambitions. You may feel that authority figures, or older or more experienced individuals oppose you or hold you back. In addition, habit patterns, once formed, are difficult for you to break. Therefore try to be aware of and discriminating in the ones you acquire.

         You tend to pit yourself against life, and are controlled, deliberate, and unusually aware of responsibility. As a child or adolescent you may not have had enough experience in being a part of life and of all of creation. It is this continual experience of the universe's bounty and acceptance that gives children the faith and trust to surrender to life and to relax. Feeling like you have to make the earth turn yourself, you've developed an intense self-determination and wariness toward life to keep it from flattening you when you're not looking. You may feel guilty if you're too happy or if you relax too much, and could resort to self-denial even to the extent of ruining your own plans through illness or some form of martyrdom just as they finally threaten to bear fruit.

         The trine from Uranus to Saturn (page 169) and from Saturn to Moon (page 99) as well as Pluto’s sextile to Saturn (page 170) will help to release you from too much emphasis on self. You're usually given the opportunity to be the master of your own destiny; but the achievement of your goals will never satisfy you as much as the inner strength and self-confidence acquired in getting there. If you do not take the opportunity offered, however, your sense of failure will be far greater than a mere material one, and far more difficult for you to live with.

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