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Astrology Reading 5 continued, pg. 2 of 3

You have a close (1° 23’) conjunction of Sun to Neptune in the sixth house, Rachel. This aspect indicates either true spiritual vision and the linking of your will with your ideals, or self-delusion and illusion, and is often a mixture of both. Which way this manifests depends on your level of evolution and self-work. A strong Saturn (which you do not have) would be helpful in achieving your dreams rather than in just dreaming them, as well as in expanding your consciousness in a way that is true to your psyche. You have high ideals that you hold up for all to follow, and the ability to enchant others with words and images. Your presence has a way of helping those around you to let go of differences and remember what unites us all. You have a strong mystical nature, and are drawn to spiritual authorities and teachers.

You feel at one with the mystical, spiritual, and transcendental realms. You and others may both find you difficult to understand; it’s as though your identity were shrouded in a mist. Because you tend to substitute the ideal (or your idea) for the fact when the two conflict, you need to be completely honest with others; beware of even deceiving yourself unknowingly. What is concealed with you is far more important than what is on the surface; therefore be careful of hiding something disintegrative in effect.

You have an innate understanding of human nature and an immediate rapport with all races and nationalities. This opens the door to having many and varied types of people in your life. You’re independent, intuitive, magnetic, nonconformist, and dislike routine. You tend to show your feelings suddenly and in unusual ways. High emotional tension and sudden, erratic impulses need to be controlled or there will be continual difficulty in your relationships and your nervous system will be adversely affected. Your childhood, domestic situation and lifestyle are unconventional and unusual, to say nothing of the women you attract.

The fact that both of your “lights” (the Sun and the Moon) are conjunct an outer planet (Neptune in the case of the Sun, Uranus in the case of the Moon) symbolizes that this incarnation is not and cannot be merely for the gratification of your ego. As a disincarnate spirit you chose to enter an incarnation of service and sacrifice (Neptune conjunct the Sun), very individuated and unique with emotional openness to all of mankind (Uranus conjunct the Moon). How you meet your personal needs with those signatures is a difficult row to hoe.

Pluto conjunct Saturn in the fifth makes meeting those emotional needs more complicated. The fifth house shows our needs in love and where we release fourth house energies and emotions. The more emotional we are, the greater the need for constructive channels of expression. All forms of self-expression, anything we create or do purely for its own sake, children of the mind and the body, love affairs (insofar as they represent fun and self-expression) or their lack, theater, dramatics, hobbies, speculation, play and amusement, are all indicated by this house. This is also the house of hidden karma resulting from the misuse of the will or love principle in past lives.

These two planets in the fifth house—like Neptune and Uranus respectively conjunct the Sun and the Moon—are additional signatures of an incarnation in which personal desire (fifth house) must be put aside or postponed (Saturn) and transformed (Pluto). Since you were very young you’ve felt a special purpose or destiny to fulfill: to make your creative, individual mark upon the world. As a child you had a great need to be seen and recognized as special and unique, and could go to any length to get love and attention, even negative attention. You may have unconsciously manipulated situations to get this required recognition and attention, and this pattern can follow you into adulthood. You have an intense inner focus to shape your destiny by the strength of your own will. This could lead you to think you’re a god who can create and destroy reality at will, or the inspired artist who identifies with and is a channel for the universal forces of creative energy. Your children may also be strong willed and self-centered, and the resultant conflict of wills between you can be very instructive in mirroring you to yourself.

Your lessons with Saturn in the fifth house are with lovingness and creative self-expression, for you experience a blockage of what you have to give that feels like the world is denying you. You may be—or have been—blocked in your sexual expression as well. You may lack understanding for the needs of children, but teaching or working with them would be a good learning experience, as long as you watch a tendency towards being overly authoritarian. You may have approach/avoidance reactions with children and animals. You find it difficult to emote and express your feelings, and tend to be cautious and restrained. Feeling creative may be difficult, for you are very hard on yourself in this area. Take care of your circulation and your heart.

Souls born with Saturn conjunct Pluto are intensely driven to establish their own power, and themselves as authority figures within society. This has made you intimately aware of your capacities and by what career you could establish your authority. You may have had strong clashes with your dominant parent (usually your father) or other authority figures. And you may have struggled against the discipline, training, or acquiring the credentials necessary for your career.

You are learning appropriate ways to assume your role in society, the limits of your personal power, and the necessary responses to the requirements for achieving that power. Pluto conjunct Saturn often denotes a great sense of frustration at being limited or restricted by forces outside of yourself, and a constant striving to feel free. The tension this produces is relieved in great explosions, which can negatively affect your health or social acceptance.  You have great strength and powers of endurance.

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